KHR Creative Solutions Consulting: Executive Assistance

You are busy, and we get that! Let us support you with what you are up to in your personal and professional life. While this list is not exhaustive of our abilities, it's a good jumping off point to identify areas where we can help! Some of our services include:

  • Scheduling, maintaining day to day correspondence and follow up on critical projects or issues
  • Proficiency with editing, creating, and designing materials, such as emails, word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel Spreadsheets.
  • Basic book and record keeping.
  • Highly competent self directed qualities.
  • Making flights, accommodations, reservations, and beyond.
  • Invoicing, bill payment, and follow up as needed.
  • Record keeping and work flow management.
  • Proficient with Adobe products, Microsoft products, AutoCAD, graphic design software, and highly tech savvy.
  • Support, including physical presence, during travel
  • Detail focus, high level of organization
  • Much, much more!

Marathon or Sprint?

When looking for an extra set of hands or eyes, Executive Assistance usually falls into two categories: the marathon or the sprint. The marathon program is where our consultants support you with long term projects with usually low intensity. During the marathon, we manage the little things day to day so that you can be your most productive with everything else. Need someone to manage your social media presence, inbox, or book keeping? The marathon team can help! The sprint program is where you need support, usually for a shorter period of time, and where our team invests a greater amount of energy with high intensity projects. Need someone to manage your day to day operations while focusing on a business plan or major project? The sprint team is here to take your day to day off your plate! No matter what you are looking for, we make sure it is completed in excellence, so you don't have to.


Get back to doing what you love

With KHR Creative Solutions Executive Assistance consulting, we are able to get you back to focusing on what you love, and on what needs your attention. For large or small companies, we can take on the little things so that you can manage and attend to what is important. Work smarter, not harder! Let us transform your work flow.

Ready for the next level?

Contact KHR Creative Solutions today for a partnership in excellence. We can provide quotes for projects big and small, and have various options for retaining our services. Isn't it time you invested in excellence and expertise? We thought so, too.