KHR Creative Solutions Consulting: Custom Design Services

Looking for a new logo? Disenchanted with your webpage? Nonplused by your promotional materials? Want to add professionalism and branding to your packaging? Need a scientific or technical illustrator? Want a couch reupholstered or a painting of your pet as an old-time-y sea captain (just kidding, kind of...)? We have your back! KHR Creative Solutions can create what ever you need for projects large and small. Bring us your vision, what ever it is, and we will support you in making it a reality that exceeds your expectations. For projects large and small, we excel in a vast array of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Web design services, content creation and writing
  • Graphic design services, including logo design, promotional material design, and more
  • General, technical, and scientific illustration
  • Custom branding items, images, and content
  • Packaging and promotional materials to add professionalism when shipping your product
  • Custom paper crafts
  • Floor plans, and layout design
  • Custom branded items, including letterhead, business cards, invoices, and more
  • Custom fine arts and crafts
  • Much, much, more!

We are always up to a challenge! If you have something in mind, don't hesitate to reach out (even if it is not expressly listed above). Are you aesthetically challenged? Know you need to make a change but you don't know the difference between turquoise and teal? Our team with work with you to uncover what you are looking for to create a product you love!


Our difference

When you work with KHR Creative Solutions on your design needs, we will collaborate with you at a level that you can understand. Our team will work to create what you want, until you have exactly what you want.  At the completion of a project you will receive a highly detailed invoice so you are never unclear on where your time and resources were allocated.

Changing the Conversation

In the design industry, many people end up with a product with which they are unsatisfied because of one simple reason: they lack a mind for design. In the initial planning phase, designers are told to create something for a company with little to no guidance on how they want the product to look and feel. If you lack a mind for design, we have developed various ways of getting to the root of what you are looking for in your product. With set check in points through out the process you will be in the loop, every step of the way.


Ready for the next level?

Contact KHR Creative Solutions today for a partnership in excellence. We can provide quotes for projects big and small, and have various options for retaining our services. Isn't it time you invested in excellence and expertise? We thought so, too.