KHR Creative Solutions Consulting: Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Rehabilitation

KHR Creative Solutions has a well rounded grasp of the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation field. A calling as much as a career, some of our notable competencies include:

  • Creation, editing, and reworking of promotional and marketing materials
  • Audit preparation, including knowledge of requirements for Cigna, Optum, and BCBS
  • Evaluating and analyzing financial trends
  • High level of proficiency with Quality Assurance needs for both Joint Commission, and DCF.
  • Basic Human Resources Management, including preparation and creation of HR files that comply with both Joint Commission and DCF, training of staff, and best practices in the work place to cultivate a high productivity and low turnover environment.
  • Policies and Procedures creation, implementation, and review.
  • Knowledge of 65-D 30, requirements for new facilities, and yearly audits.
  • Able to quickly review state specific statute and provide summaries of needed actions to be taken to ensure state certification or accreditation.
  • Understanding of billing procedures, utilization review, and appeals process.
  • Able to create systems to ensure compliance with all yearly audits, including receiving a score of above 94% over all for one program, and of a 99.8% overall for another facility.
  • Highly competent in clinical documentation, documentation requirements, and medical necessity for all major insurance companies.
  • Operations experience in managing day to day work flow for several facilities.
  • Admissions, intake, and discharge planning knowledge.
  • Creation of documentation for clinical, and patient resources.
  • High level of proficiency with Sun Wave, Pimsy, Kipu, Celerity, and a high level of technical acumen to support limited time learning a system.
  • Much, much more.

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South Florida

Our headquarters are based in South Florida, and our professionals know much about DCF, city, state and federal hurdles for creating a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in this corner of the country. Have an entity else where? No problem! While it may take some researching, we will be happy to do the leg work so you can focus on the ever growing check list for a new facility.

An Eye for Ethics

While business must be profitable to be successful, it is our belief at KHR Creative Solutions that ethical treatment is not only feasible in profitable business, it is the way of the future for this industry. Let us help you with compliance and creativity to meet the best practices in our industry.


Ready for the next level?

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