Our Mission Statement, and Your Vision

KHR Creative Solutions is committed to attending to what matters to you, your vision. For all of our consulting services, you will find a partner in collaboration with the team at KHR Creative Solutions. We are committed to excellence, exceeding expectations, cultivating an approach to the task at hand that is detail oriented, highly organized, solution focused and exceptionally professional. We are here to assist you to work smarter, not harder. Your vision deserves excellence and expertise, let us ensure you get it.


Meet the one who started it all: Kristina Rate

Ever growing and expanding, the inspirations of KHR Creative Solutions came from our founder and CEO, Kristina Rate, in south Florida.

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Kristina, or Krysti, has been excelling at what she has put her mind to from a very young age. She is always ready and open to learning new things and skills. She attained a BS in Psychology with a Concentration in Neuroscience, and MS in Applied Psychology. She is a creative thinker, able to easily identify potential issues, and highly detail oriented. She is constantly striving and pushing herself to the next level. In her free time, she enjoys DIY home improvement projects, rehabbing furniture, training for marathons, and being in service to her community.

Ready for the next level?

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