Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Health Care

KHR Creative Solutions has a wealth of well rounded experience working in the drug and alcohol addiction field. Our services are valuable for those needing a partner to navigate program development, state and federal guidelines, accreditation, and much more. Whether you are a new or well established company, there is much that our team can offer. Let our experts support your work flow, so that you can work smarter, not harder!

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Executive Assistance

Looking for someone to manage your day to day business, personal or professional life? KHR Creative Solutions is well equipped for the challenge! Our highly competent and organized professionals will handle everything and anything you need. Our consulting services allow you to have the confidentiality, flexibility and support that you need for the sprints in your professional life when you may need an extra set of hands, or the marathons when you may need several hours per week for the long haul.

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Custom Design Services

Looking for logo, web, packaging, illustrating, marketing, or promotional design expertise? KHR Creative Solutions is here to save the day. From fine arts, to technical and scientific illustration, web design, to custom paper crafts to include in your product packaging, there is little that we have not already mastered. For projects small and large, our experts are with you every step of the way. For those of you who may be "design-challenged" we have cultivated several creative ways to identify your vision and create a product that is perfectly designed for your business. Know exactly what you want? Leave the rest to us!

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Commitment to Excellence

There is a reason that next to our company name we have three simple but profound words. At KHR Creative Solutions, we are committed to excellence in our work, in our professional associations and collaborations, and in our day to day life. Being driven to succeed, excel past expectations, and think outside the box are critical parts of the KHR Creative Solutions philosophy.

Our detail focused and idea generating team prides itself on standing apart from the herd. KHR Creative Solutions is focused on bringing an atypical, working smarter not harder, solution focused approach to all steps and facets of a project. We aren't just another tool that can be used to take your work to the next level, we are a partner for transforming and creating results in the professional environment.

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